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                      Dog Food Facility
                            Miniature Device by Civil Power
                            Miniature Device by Industrial
                            Midsize Device by Industrial Power
                            Large Device by Industrial Power
                            Dog Food Production Line
                      sable food bulking facility
                            Midsize Device
                            Large Device
                      Pet Fish Food Facility
                            Midsize Device
                            Large Device
                      Maize Bulking Facility
                            Midsize Device
                            Large Device
                      Accessory Equipment

                Harbin JinNuo Pet Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1987,We are a high-level company and specialized in research, development and production of pet food devices. Our main products include dog food devices, pet food production line, fut animals pellet food bulking devices, aquaculture food devices and pet fish food devices. We provide engineering designautomation controlequipment installation, setting-to-work test and after sales services. We have mordern mold production centre, world leading processing equipmentstrong technical force and faultless quality control system.

                More than 20 years,our company has provided JNK40, JNK60, JNK80, JNK120, JNK160, JNK200, JNK1000----JNK5000 dog food processing equipments and full-automatic production line for users. The production line was also used to produce cat food, bird food and so on. LP series civilian electricity dog food processing equipments LP60-M, LP70-D, LP80-D all use 220V power supply to produce fancy dog foodcat foodbird food and pigeon foodthey are patent products, classic models belong to JinNuo, and they are all global originations.

                Sable food bulking devices, pet fish food devices and whole grain corn hige-end extrusion equipments,close to the users point of view, the complete realization of manufacturering service marketand first-class testing equipment and strict quality management systemto ensure the full range of products with high reliabilitylong service lifeand convenient repair characteristics.

                All JNK power series and LP civil electronic series feed processing equipments are independent research and development,manufacturering sales have independent intellectual property rights. Morever, focus on a full range of products to establish production generation, reserve generation and development generation innovative management mechanism, completely product specifications of the leading in the industry. Development of feed equipment core technology and development of dog food formula of foreign experts and corporate culture of the elite talentoften carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with the world famous enterprisesimproving food and feed machinery equipment comprehensive technical levellay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the companyand gradually realize the JinNuo machinery, the lofty goal of a global service.

                The company address:No.34 building, NvZhen Street, Acheng District,Harbin, HeiLongjiang Province TEL:0451-53738788
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